Thursday, July 30, 2009

More than an Image...

Do we realize when we start our profession as a photographer that we will capture something that means so much to someone?

That just one image can bring a mom to tears...a mom who may have lost so much...but gained so much more and you've captured have given her a peice of her heart for all to see.

Our clients all have stories...some may break our hearts...some make speak volumes about the kind of person they were...and are now.

We are given a chance to tell a story with each client...
many are happy stories.

The birth of the baby that took years to conceive...

The marriage of two people that
even makes the photographer cry...

I think we record more than an image

when we take a photograph,

we record the emotions, the love, the essence of who we are...

and who we have created.



  1. What a beautiful post, so true and a great reminder for us photographers.

  2. Hi Marsha!

    So glad to reconnect with you! I followed you on twitter long ago, but was never quite sure it was you. (I am Valart on twitter). I'm so sad that you miss Coronado so much, but so many people do when they leave. Any chance of you returning?

    Your website is gorgeous. the photos speak of your love and care. Lovely job!