Thursday, August 6, 2009

{dreamy} workspace

If I could design a might look something like this!

My budget might disagree...but my heart says yes...
Do you have a workspace that makes your heart happy?
Even if it's a small corner of a room~
we all need that little space to call our own.
My office now is a little sun room off the family room.
It makes me a happy girl
{even though it's not furnished from Layla Grayce...
it's still my happy place}
Maybe I will share images tomorrow of my space.
Whenever I ask my three old daughter
to please not mess with the things in my office...
she laughs and says...
"this is not an office, Mommy"
Send us your images of your workspace...we'd love to see!


1 comment:

  1. Funny you post this today - I've been so inspired lately to make the best of the smaller space here in our new place... I must get more organized and enjoy this process a bit more ;)

    I'll definitely share soon!