Wednesday, August 5, 2009

{inspired} workspace

Our surroundings should inspire us...

Our workspace should make us feel happy
with a desire to create wonderful things.
we're inspired...we create...

Our featured photographer, Rachel Clare, has shared with us thoughts on her workspace...

"I love my workspace. I love the 18% gray walls (ideal for editing),

I love my Ikea table (which is glass and etched in the glass is "love" written in different fonts in every language imaginable),

I love my iMac, I love the pictures of my kids on the walls,

and I love that it has a big opening into our family room so I can work while my children are right near me.

On the wall next to my desk is a rack where I keep files-

the top set of files include clients who have booked, but we've not yet had their session. Their folders simply contain their booking forms and any information about themselves.

The next set of folders are clients I've already photographed who are in the proofing process.

The third set of folders are people who've placed orders and are awaiting those orders.

After an ordered is "signed, sealed, and delivered", the client's folder (which now includes their booking form, any extra info. about the session, their order, their invoice, lab receipts and copies of their images) goes in my little black filing cabinet on the other side of the desk, sorted by month.

My system works well for me and I love feeling organized (even though sometimes I don't!)

On the shelves above my desk are pictures of my children, mementos that are significant to me, books related to business and photography that I've collected, blank discs, and some of my marketing and packaging materials.

I think it's essential for every working photographer to have a space that is their own- where they can feel good and work hard and be organized; a space that inspires creativity and beautiful images.

This is my space."



  1. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing Rachel.

  2. Looks great Rach...nice & organized. Makes me want to clear off my desktop!

  3. Ahhh, organized...someday! Nice space. Only a photographer would describe their wall color as 18% gray! Made me chuckle. Thanks. :)

  4. Ooooo I am loving it!! I am thinking that I need to reorganize!!!