Sunday, August 9, 2009

More {amazing} portraits from Peta Mazey...

I think I could easily slip this little beauty in my bag...
and not give her back!

Peta has an amazing way of capturing babies...

I wonder how she entices them to look into the camera so perfectly content and is able to capture this precious look...

{I'm inspired!}

I asked Peta to share with us her thoughts on packaging...

When it comes to branding, marketing and packaging I am all about simplicity.

For a multitude of reasons, the main one being it is what's right for me and my business.

I have just this year finished a four year graphic design degree, and while designing for others, and reviewing other people's design work comes easily to me, it seems all the more complicated when it involves your own 'baby'!

As far as branding the business goes, I have always wanted the images to do the talking, so I have gone with a simple sans serif logo.
This has changed far too many times, and I'm currently in the transitional stages of rolling out a new look, I'm pretty happy with this one and think it is here to stay. I'm all about having a lot of white space and keeping things looking clean and fresh.

The only print marketing material I use are some business cards that feature one of my favourite images and my contact info.

Otherwise I base myself mostly online,with my web portfolio and blog, and all client info is sent online.

It is a goal of mine to run my business in as sustainable way possible, and doing it this way cuts down on resources.

This follows through into my packaging of prints and products for clients.

As much as the 'fluff' is pretty and has tempted me in the past, I like to keep things to a minimum.

The print lab I use does a wonderful job of shipping prints neatly and well protected, so for the most part I keep the prints in their packaging, and wrap the order together in recycled white paper that comes on a big roll.

The 5x7's come in a recycled cardboard box for safekeeping if ordered in large quantities.

I am looking into getting a stamp made with my new logo to stamp on the package as well.

My clients always seem to appreciate the packaging policy and like the encouragement to get things up on their walls!”

Thanks much Peta Mazey for sharing your work with was a pleasure "meeting" you!

Peta is also the creative mind behind Child's Play Photoshop Actions... check out the site!

Want to see what I have planned for next week...
here's a sample of what I'll be sharing...

And who wants a preview of some of our photographers???

I'll share some names who you can look forward to seeing soon~

are you ready for this...

{I'll list in alphabetical order because they are ALL incredible}

Marla Carter, Tara Frey, Brianna Graham, Marta Locklear, Melanie Mauer, Cheryl Muhr, Sheye Rosemeyer,Carrie Sandoval, Lindsay Silby, Vicki Taufer...

{you are in for a treat!}



  1. I love her work! Her colors are beautiful. I might have to buy some of her actions.

  2. I've been a huge fan of Peta's work for quite some time. Thank you so much for featuring her here!