Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meet {and Greet} Peta Mazey

Meet {and Greet}... Peta Mazey

Peta is a photographer from Wellington, New Zealand who specializes in contemporary life style portraiture.
At only 23 years old and fresh out of college with a graphic design degree, she’s taking the photography world by storm.

To see her work, visit her website at

When I’m not photographing, I’m…
Hanging out with family or friends and their kids (if they have them). Listening to music. Taking a road trip somewhere (I love listening to music in the car). Walking around the neighbourhood. Doing stuff on the computer and online. Just keeping busy!

Tell us where we can find you…

Right now, in Virginia with my friend Rachel and family, when this is published, probably either Melbourne, Australia (where they live) or Wellington, New Zealand (where I live). not sure yet!

Do you twitter?

Do you blog stalk?
Sure! I have my reader pretty packed with blogs.

Blog’s you love…
allllll my photographer friends blogs.
Rockstar Diaries
A Cup of Jo
Color me Katie
Friend or Doe

Favorite drink? Cocktail?…
Favorite non alcoholic beverage... unsweetened iced tea or fizzy water with lemon, or a decaf soy latte. Cocktail... Margarita with salt!

Anthropologie or Ann Taylor?

Neither really, a mix of op shops, little boutiques, and my nana's house (she's a great dressmaker)

“The” movie that you can watch over and over…
Amelie. I love the whimsy and creativity of it all.

Your Savvy Indulgence…
Soy Ice cream in the summer, or a decaf soy latte in the cooler months

Date night or family night?
Well I'm currently single, and don't have a family of my own. But a night with friends (or family) is always great!

What are doing on a typical Sunday afternoon?
There's not really such a thing as a typical Sunday for me! Either visiting with friends or family, or taking a trip to a nearby town to peruse around. I am losing this Sunday flying back to Australia crossing the date line, we leave on Saturday night, and arrive on Monday. So maybe I will take pictures during our travels or wait till the following weekend.

Peta will share more with us tomorrow...

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  1. peta is amazing!!! my new hero! thanks so much for sharing!

  2. How I wish I could have gotten my start at 23! So fun to read about her!

  3. So I realized I posted a comment on the wrong blog post! Thank you for introducing us to Peta, what a beautiful photographer. I love her perspective and what stylish clients she has!

  4. i did not know she was so young!! i just love her work...