Tuesday, August 4, 2009

our readers share their walls...

We will be back with Rachel Clare tomorrow...
we get to see her workspace {which I hear is really great}
and we're hoping she gives us some advice on how
to get our own {amazing} self portrait...
she has inspired many of the readers to take a shot at it!

~speaking of you readers...wow...so many people are visiting us
here at The Savvy Photographer...{almost 2000 people in two short weeks}

I wanted to share some our readers walls...
they show how they decorate their walls with
images of their family.

Send in your images~ your walls might be gracing our pages soon.

Thank you for sending in your images...you inspire us!



  1. Bree! I love that display! I have SOOOO many prints that I want to display and I'm running out of wall and flat surface space! I love the ideas that incorporate so many images in a relatively small space! Great job!
    Misty - those are just beautiful! Canvases on top two; what are the bottom three - canvas also?
    More walls please...I'm loving this!

  2. Andrea, that is such a great use of space. I'm working on something similar and I hope to complete it soon! Heck, I hope to complete .anything. soon!