Sunday, August 2, 2009

{Self Portraits} by Rachel Clare

"I have very few images of myself that I love from my life.
I have pictures that I cherish from my past,
but they're generally cherished because of a loved one who is in the picture with me.
As far as pictures of JUST ME,
there aren't very many that I'd really think about keeping.
I took on a challenge last fall to start taking self-portraits.

This was a challenge indeed!

But I realized that the more I took them, the more I liked them.

I also realized that most photographers don't have many pictures of themselves (hello- most MOMS don't have pictures of themselves!)... and I want my children and grandchildren to know what I looked like at different stages of my life.

I've always been confident about
and loving towards my "inner-self"-
I've always known who I was and what I believed
and what I stood for.
I've not always been so confident
or loving towards my "outer-self",
but through this project (CHALLENGE),
I've started appreciating things (my nose)
that I haven't always loved.
It's been an important step for me in my path toward continued self-discovery, and for that I am grateful."

Rachel Clare

Isn't she just an amazing photographer...

the ability to capture an image of yourself takes talent...
and she has mastered that talent!

I am inspired by her.

When I first saw her self portraits, I was inspired enough to try my own...
and I quickly decided not to try that again.

But yet again...I am inspired to try.

Will you attempt to capture you...yes you?

Do we need to be challenged...
or shouldn't the thought of having an image of ourselves
that we love { or atleast like} inspire us?

Be inspired today...

If you happen to get an image you want to share...
you might just see yourself gracing the pages
of The Savvy Photographer.
{send it in...i'd love to see}

We'll see you tomorrow...

Rachel Clare will invite us into her home
to see what's gracing her walls...

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  1. She is gorgeous and selfies are a huge challenge but extremely liberating the more you do them (so don't stop...your beautimous). Eagerly waiting to see those walls tomorrow!

  2. Rachel, your sweet, generous, self-confident inner-self is reflected in your beautiful outer-self. I'm taking on the challenge. Thanks!

  3. I need to be more confident and take some. Thanks for the inspiration RC.

  4. rachel is stunning. the selfies are inspiring. can't wait for more!

  5. Rachel inspired me to do a 365 self-portrait project of my own this year - it has been both fun and challenging for sure!

  6. Rachel is gorgeous inside & out...I know! Marsha I'm LOVING your blog. It is fantastic! Keep up the great work!