Saturday, September 12, 2009

does your workspace inspire you?

Does your workspace reflect your personality?

I think my workspace partly reflects my personality {the other part reflects budget...!} I would love to design a beautiful, functional workspace like these someday. I truly believe you should surround yourself with beautiful things...everyday!
I think as artists we could be more inspired to create beautiful images for clients when we are surrounded by beautiful things.

We can all make our space look great even on a budget.
Tomorrow I will show how to create an inspiring workspace {without spending too much}.
Tomorrow {Sunday} at midnight will be the last day to enter the giveaway from Jamie Schultz Designs.
Monday our newest featured photographer will be introduced~
~I'd love to see your workspace...snap some pictures and send them to me.
{images coutesy of Decor Pad}



  1. I would love a workspace like one of these - but it doesn't always work in small rental accomodation - my space is OK - all ikea, all coordinating, lots of labeled boxes - functional - I wish it was prettier!!

  2. I am in the process of designing a space for myself, and these images are inspiring. Thanks!

  3. what a great! blog you have! i just stumbled upon it and i'm in love! can't wait to keep checking back!