Monday, September 21, 2009

meet {and greet} Marta Locklear

did you catch the part about her workshop?
if you come back'll get all the juicy details...and here's a just a taste of what you'll see tomorrow
{a giveaway valued at $500...from Marta...starting generous and amazing...but you have to come back tomorrow}
Don't you just love her images...her lighting is beautiful!
She is such an inpiring photographer...and we have her all week!
Tomorrow I will tell all about her workshop {and start the fabulous giveaway for the week}...then we will see what's gracing the walls in the Locklear home. She'll show us her workspace and new studio! It's gonna be a good week!! Stick around...
I've had inquiring minds...sweet readers actually...that ask to know more about what equipment the featured photographers are using. Most new photographers are purchasing their gear and would love to know what we use. I've talked several times about my favorite lens...Nikon 50mm f/1.4 which I love!
I'd love to try the's the lens Marta just got and loves...Canon 50mm f/1.2

{want to check out the Canon 5D II ...I wish they would send one my way...I could review it for them...uh?}
here's my camera...I love it Nikon D300
{but i will still happily take the 5D if needed}
Now for the winner of the weekend giveaway...
Congratulations Mehgan Rickard #27!!



  1. Oh I just adore Marta - lovely interview M! I never tire of seeing your dreamy images.

  2. Love Love Love Marta!!! So excited that you are showcasing such a talent ~ can't wait to read more on her ALL week! :-)

  3. What a fabulous interview! Love me some Marta Locklear too and never tire of reading, hearing about or looking at her work! As a friend and someone that works very closely with her, I can attest as to what a true artist she is.;-) Thanks for showcasing her!

  4. How exciting! Marta is fabulous! I became a fan of the savvy photographer on FB!

  5. I posted a link on my FB status and asked to be your friend Marsha! YAY!

  6. Wow you have some super photographers on here! A lot of my FAVS!! I have been stalking them for a while!! THANKS for this interview!

  7. Fantastic interview! So glad I saw a post on her flickr since I have never been here before! Thanks!

    Carrie Scruggs