Saturday, September 19, 2009

{designing your workspace~ on a budget}

As promised last week, here are workspace ideas to inspire everyone!

And did I mention we are working with a budget~ these rooms aren't from some fancy place's Target...yes Target! I know what you're can get wallpaper from Target? can...! How fun would it be to have one wall graced with these beautiuful papers...what a fun backdrop for pictures! If I had the space, I would take 5 large panels of plywood and cover each with a different fun paper {i love the turquoise and brown damask...ok...i love them all}. And they would be my backdrops for babies...can't you see a little naked baby sitting up in front of one of these beautiful cute!

I LOVE all the chairs! Which is you favorite? mine is the the orange floral...or the canary green floral...hmmm...maybe the chocolate brown with pink flowers...I'll take them all! Most are under $300...with free shipping!

I'd love to see some of the frame decals on my fun in a bathroom with your black and white images!

And it all came from Target online!

Thirsty for more...head to Target online {most things aren't available at the store}. Make your workspace inspiring! Then send us a picture...we'd love to show it!



  1. I love this!! I met someone recently that is a set designer for photo shoots and I was going to have her help me decorate the loft...this will be great inspiration!!!

  2. OMGosh.....I love them all and TARGET!! Wow, that is awesome-
    thanks for the inspiration=)

  3. Thank you for the inspiration!! I love this stuff! And of course, Target is a fave!

  4. Hoe net! I decided on black and lime green and charcoal gray for my space but now I want to add those beachy blues!

  5. I totally just bought the black and white damask wallpaper two weeks ago. In the picture it looks more like a gray but it is really a beautiful pearl white! It is my accent wall in my studio, it is just perfect!

  6. I need the little girl on the beach for my daughter's room! How perfect :)

  7. Great ideas and I'm a Target-holic!!!

  8. Glorious and inspirational dear! Thanks! Blessings, Amy