Saturday, October 17, 2009

{super Savvy discount...from Animoto}

Just received these in the mail {thanks to Heather Starr...she shared hers with us...and I guess I copied her...hope you don't mind Heather}. I love, love them!

So of course I got one for me for the Animoto videos that I'm now obsessed with making. In case you are new here, Animoto for Photography is my absolute favorite way to produce video using my images. With the recent release of their video upload feature, you can upload video along with your stills to produce an Animoto. Here's a great example of Animoto's video upload feature: {this is not my personal video...the sweet people at Animoto sent this over to show us}

If you haven't tried out Animoto for Photography yet, here's your chance. Purchase a 3-month package by October 31st and get an extra month added onto your account. Just enter the code: savvyphoto when purchasing a 3-month Pass.

Click here to sign-up.

How sweet is that!! Thank you Animoto! The Savvy readers are being treated quite nicely!

Speaking of nice...Skye Hardwick...thank you for such a great giveaway...the amount of comments are crazy!!! You still have until tomorrow at 5pm {pacific} to enter for the workshop workbook. Just a little note to all of you who enter...please just one comment per thing you do...and don't post it twice or three times for the same will show up once i moderate it...which is usually within the hour {but may be longer}. If you made a comment that never shows up...let me know.

And Skye has offered a generous discount for the Savvy readers! {take advantage of the great will soon go up to $400}

have a great weekend...



  1. Did you get those DVD cases from J.Lee? i can't find where you can upload your own image for these.

  2. What discount is Skye offering? I don't see it anywhere? Thank you!

  3. Christy...the dvd cases are from MPIX PRO
    Tracey...look at yesterdays post...

  4. and where did you find the template for the dvd cases? they are gorgeous!

  5. sorry another you use sticker labels for the DVDs or do you print directly? thanks so much!

  6. mallika...
    i designed the templates for the dvd case...i couldn't find any to purchase.
    the iage is printed directly on the these! They are $7 each.

  7. I could not find the dvd cases from MPIX-is MPIX pro on a different website? Thanks!

  8. so Mpix Pro printed the DVD cases as well as printed the image directly onto the DVD?
    looks VERY cool!

  9. Beautiful packaging! How do you print directly onto the DVD? It looks great.