Monday, October 26, 2009

{loving Etsy...and taking a much needed break}

I'm taking a much needed break for two days...{this gives you time to read everything you might have missed}...I will be back ready to feature a fabulous new photographer...just a couple of days late. thanks for understanding~ I actually feel guilty for this...the blog has become like a child... i love it dearly and hate to be away...but like every Mommy...I welcome the break. see you soon~

address labels from Etsy...yummy designs!

1. address stamp...lovely!

2. silhouttes address stickers

3. round fun labels

4. beachy designs

5. snowflake designs



  1. Enjoy your time away, no matter how brief! I know we all just need that sometimes. A blog should be fun (and almost always is) but sometimes can get to take too much time.

  2. You enjoy your much needed break my friend! :) Lovely Etsy finds!

  3. LOVE Lettergirl's shop on Etsy (#1). Thanks for sharing all these, and hope you get some well-deserved rest!

  4. awesome stuff from etsy! and have fun on your much deserved break!!!!

  5. You always share the BEST stuff! Thanks for giving so much info, and enjoy your break...maybe I can actually catch up to your fast pace and read everything!

  6. I love Etsy too! Hope you had a nice break...we deserve them! ;)