Saturday, November 21, 2009

{are you ready...}

I am so excited to announce our fabulous speakers and workshop leaders...we still have a couple of speakers that aren't sure if they can make it so i won't announce their names yet...these are the confirmed speakers...{I'm giddy with excitement!}...
in alphabetical order...they are all amazing

Bev Hollis

Marta Locklear

Melanie Mauer

Jodie Otte

{I am beyond thrilled at the fabulous line up of wonderful...incredible photographers that will inspire us!}

Only 9 days left until registration opens...tomorrow I will answer questions that you've me if you have any more questions...I hope to meet so many of you soon at the workshop!!


I love seeing images of what other photographers offer to their clients...especially when it contains a Savvy product! Anne just sent me a picture of her DVD case and custom printed printed DVD from the Savvy DVD template collection...{thanks for sharing!!} Here's what she had to say...

Have you seen the new line of bags by Amy Butler? I love her fabrics...{drool worthy for sure!} and I'm thinking how great this large bag would be for a camera bag! I'd love to check out the inside and see how well it would work for my Nikon. {Christmas list...Amy Butler bag}. They even have a laptop bag that i adore!!



  1. awesome!
    What an incredible group of speakers for this workshop..
    I am very excited

  2. There was much squealing in my car when I saw who the other speakers were! I cannot wait to see everyone! <3

  3. Great products!! Love the dvd templates! Do you know where the dvd cases came from? I would love to offer something like that to my clients. Thanks!

  4. leslie...the cases are printed from Mpixpro. {and the templates are available here...*wink*}