Monday, November 16, 2009

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Photographer Cafe

Photographer Cafe provides inspiration and information to photographers through its blog, which includes spotlights on fabulous photographers, great business advice, time-saving tips, and personal musings to stir creativity. The Photographer Cafe shop is filled with products that are beautifully crafted and extremely versatile. Each product is designed to help photographers look great, delight their clients, and save valuable time. We are really excited about our Business and Marketing collections, featuring our popular CURVES, RETRO, and DREAMY designs. These are incredibly customizable and are a "must-have" for photographers getting ready to refine their business and take it the next level for 2010. Feel free to stop by the Cafe to be inspired and check out what's new.

We would also like to offer a Savvy Sale for vendor week. Our sale offers $10 off any $50 purchase or more throughout the week (11/16-11/20). The code is savvy10 (all lowercase and one word).


The Workshop Workbook by Skye Hardwick

I’ve taken all that I’ve taught at my Workshops and put it into workbook-format – perfect for the busy Mom-ographer to learn at their own pace (plus no workshop travel fees!).
One important aspect of the Workbook is that it is both creativity and business based.
Why? Because talent is not enough!
No matter how talented you are as a photographer, if you are in business, you’ve got to know about business.
Of course, it is not all about business!
I feed off of the creative aspect of what I do.
Where do I get inspiration? How do you find your style?
How about all those great clothes – how do I get the client’s to dress so stylish? And then comes post-processing.
I’m very excited about the upgrade I am working on now for the Workbook which will include a posing-inspire guide.
Those who purchase the Workshop Workbook
now will receive it free when it is released.
More details on what is included in the Workbook , the Upgrade, as well as policies and purchasing
information can be found on the website:

The sale price of $240 running November 16th – 21st
Please put “Savvy” where it asks for discount code when making your payment.

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