Wednesday, January 13, 2010


did you enjoy my blogging from the Imaging Expo?
I had high hopes of blogging from the booth...letting everyone know how it was going. I didn't even get a chance to pull out my laptop. It was crazy busy...over 10,000 attendees! We worked non stop for three days {plus driving 11 hours to get there} was fabulous and exhausting! I loved meeting so many of the Savvy readers! Thank you for introducing yourselves and sharing your stories and love for the blog! I will give juicy details...soon! I'm heading home today {another 11 hour drive...hopefully this time without the snow} and will share the fun pictures soon! We didn't take as many as we should have {it was just so busy!} We had a great time!
I promise to share pictures soon!
thanks again for visiting the booth
{and the blog!!!}



  1. I was wondering when the blogging was going to start happening! ;)
    Can't wait for all the details and pics!

  2. safe driving Marsha!
    Since you are posting about your about a savvy post to inspire us all on trade show booths!! Hint is that time of year!

  3. It was so great to meet you guys in person!! I love my pink file folder with goodies. :) Glad you guys make it back home alright. Thanks again for such wonderful website.

  4. So great meeting you! :) I'm going to spend some time today looking through alllll my information I collected from so many booths!

  5. It was so nice meeting you!! It was a wonderful booth!!!

  6. Hey! Was awesome meeting the face behind the blog! I want in on the floor deal, send me an email on how to pay ya!
    and thanks, the floor is awesome!