Wednesday, February 24, 2010

{generosity...and beyond}

Today is the day i hope to return many emails...they are piling up!
If you have emailed me...I am not ignoring you~ I am writing you on my list of things to do today...return emails to...the list is long...please be patient with me :)

I hope you join us tomorrow~ we will have a new featured photographer. I'll give you a hint..ok... a couple of hints...
{1} she and her husband work together
{2} she has a fabulous studio/workspace
{3} she is blessed to live in sunny Florida
{4} she is adorable
Hmmmm...any ideas?
Let me hear who you think!
and how lucky are we to get to see two fabulous studios in the last week...such fun at the Savvy!!

Did you sign up for clickinmoms yet?
Many of you have and I enjoy getting the emails from you how much you are loving the site. Kendra has worked hard building such a great forum for photographers to share and learn from each other. She is such a kind and generous lady {did I mention the incredible referral program she is doing for those
who refer new members...amazing prizes...
I'm working on that new 5D :)...that would be lovely}
and did i mention that if you sign up under this link for a 6 or 12 month membership, you get our Savvy Size guide for free!
Once you sign up using our link here Clickin' Moms {yes...we check}, email me and let me know your user name and i will send you link for the Savvy Size guide...the membership are a great deal...6 months for $30 or 12 months for $50.
I promise you will learn $50 worth in the first day!



  1. I was hoping Mika Beth Edwards Photography (awesome them) but they are in Arkansas..!!

  2. I dont know who it is but I will be back to find out!

  3. i joined clickinmoms through your link. can't wait for my sizing guide. i sent you an email too but thought i'd post a comment just to make sure you saw it. thanks!

  4. i'm guessing marla and shane! i love their work!

  5. I can't get my email to let me email you for my free Savvy Guide. Will you please advise? My username at Clickin Mom's is DDCTPhotography.