Thursday, February 11, 2010

{where is my barnwood rug?}

just a quick update to let you know if you have ordered a barnwood rug and haven't gotten it yet...I am so sorry! The delays from the factory are getting a little extreme...I know some have waited weeks...and weeks. I apologize and really wish there was a way to speed things up! I am trying to email each of you with updates {but I have about 200 to email...and the newest blizzard to hit here yesterday...yes another blizzard...slowed things down drastically...we lost one computer but I think we are back on track...knock on wood}. So please don't hate me..or write nasty things on forums about me...I'm trying!



  1. Thanks for the update! We can be patient!!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I was just about to order a few myself. So now I will know why I don't receive it right away. BTW, have you tried out the bigger size? I think in the original post you stated that you were going to. Thanks again.

  3. i just got mine yesterday! i LOVE it!!! thanks so much!