Friday, April 9, 2010

dining with the Pros

Finding a great lab makes doing our job so much easier...and when you find a lab that go above and beyond for you, it must be MpixPro. I can't say enough good things about this company! When we were getting ready for Imaging, I had a big {really important} order that arrived to my doorstep a few days before I was to leave for Nashville but the order wasn't mine...yikes! I was upset...I needed my Within minutes of emailing, I had gotten a phone call from John at MpixPro. {wow...they called ME!} They literally jumped through hoops to get that order ready {100 custom printed DVD's...not an easy task} and it arrived in time! They even hand delivered one of my last minute orders to me at the tradeshow. We then had the absolute pleasure of joining the MpixPro crew for dinner at a fabulous restaurant the next evening. The dinner was great...our host and fellow companions at dinner were fabulous! I was in complete awe...we dined with Jamie Schultz {loved her!! seriously adored her}, her adorable assistant Natasha, the lovely Catherine Clay and Heather Crowder, Arden Ward and then there was Joe Dellasega from MpixPro...what a great guy and a wonderful host! The next table was full of fun people...too many to name! {I must admit...after the great wine...I just couldn't remember}.
So...back to the workshop! MpixPro send us three or four huge boxes full of goodies to share with the attendees...and we got to experience first hand how great it is to open a boutique packaged product! The chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon...the vanilla colored tissue's makes a huge difference when you package things nicely...the power of presentation! {and their boutique packaging is only $7...try it once and you'll love it}.
I can't say enough great things about this company!
A funny story happened at dinner that I just have to tell...I'll keep it the end of dinner a sweet girl got up to thank the guys and girls at Mpixpro for dinner...and she went on to tell this story~ she was invited to this restaurant by another group of photographers that she met at the tradeshow...she told the hostess she was with a group of photographers so they took her to the room where we dined. She said she noticed she didn't recognize anyone she knew but still sat down and started talking to John...after about 5 minutes she realized this was not the group she was coming to meet but she was too embarrassed to leave. So she sat there with her big coat on the entire dinner...hiding her t-shirt that she was wearing. She had gotten her blue shirt that day from Imaging...and it was from a major competitor in the lab industry. After everyone had a good laugh from her story, she went on to tell that she now has a NEW lab...once she told John she wasn't supposed to be there, he ask her to stay. That shows how much everyone matters at MpixPro!

More pictures from the tradeshow...

{a side note... Mika Beth worked some magic in the photo of me...I only wish I looked like that...thank you Mika beth!}



  1. Wow I LOVE those wallet boxes, I'm off to check them out now! Thank you!

  2. awe, you look beautiful ALLL of the time, marsha! gorgeous shots!

  3. Marsha I just wanted to thank you for taking so much time to tell us all about the workshop. I REALLY wish I could have gone, maybe next year? I hope so! MPix Pro sounds like an awesome company!

  4. i LOVE those wallet boxes!! i cannot wait to order these! i hope to attend a 'sisterhood' workshop one day... this is one of my favorite blogs :))

  5. More great photos! I think you all look and looked fabulous while we were there. So much goes into organizing and making these Workshops actually work you all did such a fabulous job and with such grace and style.

  6. Hey guys! I don't know if you read these comments, but that is an AWESOME story there at the end! :)

    I have a question- did MpixPro also print those booklets for you? I'd love to see pictures of those! I'm trying to find a place to print my new client booklet, and from the little bit I can see, yours look lovely! :)