Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Have you seen the "Savvy" bag?

We were thrilled to have Ketti create a "Savvy " bag! Have you visited her site? She makes each bag the perfect habitat for your beloved camera...and it's classy enough to wear to a wedding {as a guest~ they will never know you are a pro} or out to dinner with the girls. Check out Ketti ...but the "Savvy" bag is only available here...the price is $165. If you'd like to have an exclusive Savvy bag, email me...and we will have one on the way. We have 3 available now...once those are gone, we will have a waiting lsit for more.

It was stuffed full with an older medium format camera {which is huge} and two big lenses... there is plenty of room.

The Savvy Sister necklace~ I wanted everyone to have something special that wasn't photography related. Something they could wear and know that at the same time a "sister" somewhere else {no matter how far away} was wearing the same thing...with the same great memories of those three days on the waterfront. Seventy eight girls arrived at the Inn, excited to learn and share...and we all left as "sisters"...Savvy Sisters. I already miss them all!



  1. That necklace is beautiful! I really hope you do this workshop again next year, what an incredible experience!

  2. Oooh, lovely photos by Kelli. And great room shots. I love my necklace and have to keep it far away from my little girl who loves how sparkly it is. I like the Ketti bag too, but since I received the Epiphanie bag, I don't think I will be ready to try another one for a while.

  3. love that necklace...
    and that photo bag is amazing!

  4. I really hope you are planning to do this workshop again. I was so disappointed that I couldn't make happen this time around. Beautiful photos!

  5. hi Marsha !!! i hope all the savvy sisters enjoyed the necklaces and you all had a wonderful time !