Friday, August 20, 2010

decorating your walls~

Kelli France sent us images of her new wall with three gallery wrapped canvases...
we love these!
Thanks Kelli for sharing.
We also wanted to share with our readers some info on the workshop that Kelli {from Francypants Academy is hosting in October. I wish we could be there~ maybe next year!



  1. Hi. What a beautiful blog. I was wondering where I could get some of my shots of my ids printed on canvases. I've seen these before but am not sure the best place to get some. Thanks so much. Momstarr

  2. Love the sides of the canvases. I'm gonna have to try that!

  3. Love love LOVE the gallery wrap with the fun edges. What printer did you use? Do they offer those edges or did you put that on your actual image? SO wish I could attend your academy but I am only a part time photog because I still have a full time job as a teacher and won't be able to get off work. :(