Wednesday, December 29, 2010

winter white studio tour

We all love the studio tours... and a great before and after studio tour is even better!

When we saw the studio for Daniela Berkhout Photography, we knew our readers would love it! We contacted Daniela in hopes of a studio tour for the blog and she sent us these fabulous images of her space...dreamy and white...the perfect space to create amazing images I think! We love it!!

We ask Daniela to tell us about her new's what she had to say.

Restoring the 130 year old carriage house into the studio was a year long process.  The foundation had to be re-enforced and the entire structure needed to be straightened.  In order to maintain the original post and beam look – all work including wiring and insulation was done on the outside of the building.

The carriage house was very dark so we decided to paint it white.  It took 4 coats of paint….that old wood just soaked it up! The floors are heated concrete and also painted white. I was going for a modern, organic look and just love the way it turned out! I’m looking forward to the slow season to get all of my prints up and add some finishing touches.

Thank you Daniela for sharing with us!


  1. Gorgeous!! I could just curl up in there and enjoy it with a nice hot cup of cocoa. You did a beautiful job!

  2. Wow that is amazing- love the transformation and your patience+hard work paid off!

  3. This studio is gorgeous. I love it! Inspires me to rethink my space this new year!

  4. I accidentally left my comment on the wrong post. Whoops! Anyway, I was wondering what the outside of the building looks like after adding the insulation to the outside. Do you have any images of the outside?

  5. What an amazing place! I really like this pure but warm atmosphere.
    One question: where did you buy this wooden bowl? I try to find such a bowl for newborns here in Germany, but I can't find one. Maybe you know an online shop where I can order it... Thanks and best wishes for 2011!