Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dinner anyone

Could dinner time be more fun? Who wouldn't like to doodle while waiting on a delicious meal...we think it will be a hit in your house too!

Once clients get word of your fun trick to get your kids to the table, they will be knocking down your door.

The Collection One Place Mat Templates contain 6 layered 18.25 x 12.25 templates sized for the dry erase boards from Millers Lab. The boards come with a dry erase pen for your little artist to start doodling right away.

Make sure your blog about your newest addition to your products...your clients will love to know what fun things you offer just to keep them happy...enjoy!

All six templates are yours for just $20...that's a sweet deal!

Here's where you order... Savvy Store Placemat Templates

This is currently not an automatic download...the files will be emailed you to you within 24 hours...we will have it added as an automatic download soon.


  1. Where do we order the product?

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