Monday, January 31, 2011

help your creative biz soar

I'm loving this site and the wonderful e-book series from Kelly Rae Roberts...perfect for all of us creative types!


  1. Fellow military spouse here. I feel you're pain, and promise it will get better. We spent 3 years in Italy, and I had my first child there, while we were there I missed the states too but it certainly was a great adventure while we were there. And the language barrier..that brings back some funny memories! Good luck with the olive oil! ;)

  2. Shoooooot! Commented the wrong place. Boo. Sorry!

  3. It doesn't happen to me very often, but your blog post made my heart swell. I, too, am living in Japan. Okinawa. It is such a beautiful place and you are so right about the people. I will miss the "safety" of this island... seeing kids ~age 5-6 walking home from school and not a care in the world... it's just so SAFE compared to the states. But I do miss Target. Oh Lord, how I miss Target. I had to buy my son shoes at the BX yesterday and we had about 4 choices of tennis shoes. (2 he has already had since being here). *sigh*

    We lived in Coronado for 3 months in 2003-2004. It was gorgeous. We had no kids then so we lived in a small (200 sq ft) add-on to someone's garage. Paid $800 but we LOVED it. We actually discussed, before this last deployment, what we would do after this... and I said I wanted to go to Coronado. I always thought it was so neat to see kids riding their bikes to school with their surfboards on the side ;)

    My husband is out on the Essex too btw... Thanks for letting me ramble... it really does feel good to "release". (((hugs))) to you!