Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Savvy Branding

Do you need help with your branding?

We ask Christine from Deluxe Modern Designs to give us some tips on Savvy branding.

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There can be a lot of self discovery involved in branding a business, and there are lots of questions you should ask yourself before getting started. You want to create an effective brand that fits your style and personality. (That you won’t be sick of a year from now).

For photographers, this process is a little different. You are not creating an identity for a big company, but an individual personality. Your brand is who you are and how the world sees you-literally. As they old saying goes, you only have one shot at a first impression.

So, what should I be asking myself?

* What is the mission of your business?

* Who is your ideal client?

* Why are you so much more awesome than your competitors?

* What do your customers and prospects already think of your business?

* What qualities do you want them to associate with your business?

*I ALWAYS try to view my business just as a customer or potential client would. (objectively). Do you like what you see? Will they? People may not know exactly what it is that draws them to you (or why) but a professional, pulled together brand is the first and most imporatant thing they see... and if it creates excitement? Perfect.

How do I make my brand known? Once you have defined your brand, you need to get it out there. Here's how:

• Have a professional logo designed, then place it everywhere. On your website, letterheads, business cards, shop windows-everywhere.

• Write down your brand messaging. What is they key message that you want your brand to communicate? Figure that out and make sure your staff is aware of this message.

• Integrate your brand. Branding extends to every aspect of your business--how you answer your phones, what you and your staff wear, your e-mail signature, everything. (this is a big one for me).

• Create a "voice" for your company that reflects your brand. This voice should be applied to all written communication and incorporated in the visual imagery of all materials, online and off. Is your brand friendly? Be conversational. Is it ritzy? Be more formal. You get the gist.

• Develop a tagline. Write a memorable, meaningful and concise statement that captures the essence of your brand.

• Design templates and create brand standards for your marketing materials. Use the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout. Be consistant, but have fun with it.

Most importantly, your branding should make you smile and make your heart do a little flutter everytime you see it. You want to be proud of what you’re putting out into the world! If you feel nothing (or are a little disgusted) by your branding, then it’s time for a change.

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes, and I will repeat it to anyone who will listen, because I think it’s absolutely true: “Creatives are notorious for looking at other people’s work. On great days, this is inspiring and helpful and fun. On rough days, it is torture. For me, comparison often erodes into envy and envy does nothing but rot my real creativity. My advice for an easy confidence boost: stop comparing and start creating out of who you are.” - Dane Sanders


  1. Oh thank you for this! I have had re-branding on my back burner for a while. WPPI lit the fire under that burner and I am knee deep in trying to figure out who and what I am as a business. It is so HARD! Thank you for pointing me in a direction and I LOVE that quote from Dane, it is so very true!

    Useful post, but the theme don't display properly on my Mac...maybe you ought to take a look. Thanks, anyway.