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meet and greet Natasha Tessier

Talk about a multi-tasker!  Natasha Tessier is not only the marketing director for Jamie Schultz Designs, but she runs her own, successful photography business too!

Natasha Tessier Photography is a full service photography company that specializes in Seniors and Newborns.  Natasha really enjoys the process of helping a client from beginning to end, and Senior photography really lets her use her creative side to help them with wardrobe consultation, 
hair and makeup and much, much more.

“I am inspired by fashion and trends, and that comes in handy when photographing seniors,” said Natasha. 
 “Treating the session like a magazine shoot and incorporating the fashion, props and the location are all things that help me pull together a customized shoot for each client.”

We are happy to welcome Natasha to the Savvy blog! Read all about her business below. 

How did you get into photography?
I had my own stationery company called, Paint the Town. I was designing and selling birth announcements and clients were asking me to take the photos for the announcements. I sold the stationery company and started the photography company four years ago.

How long have you been a photographer?  
4 years in full time business

How would you describe your photography style?
My style reflects my desire to bring out each persons unique style. My style is classic mixed with funky urban! I have a unique approach of creating an artistic scene that captures each senior’s distinct personality allows each session to be customized to the client.  I believe in client driven 
inspiration.  I listen to the client and their desires to determine the direction of the shoot.  Some clients want a rustic, open field and others want an urban setting.  I believe in minimalism when it comes to posing, capturing the client in their natural state instead of telling them exactly where to place the hand on the cheek, etc.

What inspires you as a photographer?
As a senior photographer, I often think back on my senior photos.  It was one pose with my cap and gown in a studio. I am always inspired to give my clients something more unique.  
I capture my subject, their style and personality so they can look back on this time with wonderful memories.  I strive to give my clients that unique and memorable experience.

What was the proudest moment of your career so far?
The Methodist Hospital here asked about 15 local photographers to submit newborn photos. I submitted 10 and 8 out of the 10 were chosen.  The hospital enlarged them and they are hanging in the Mother and Baby Wing. I felt very honored and enjoyed touring the hospital and viewing my work on the walls!

What books or workshops have been the most helpful to you?
I am a very visual person so I tend to learn better in person than by reading a book. I also feel that one on one mentoring has helped me more than a group workshop setting. Jamie Schultz has been a huge influence on me.

What do you think makes your business so successful?
I think it is a combination of things. Providing a unique experience and great customer service helps fuel my word of mouth marketing. I am always trying to exceed my clients’ expectations and going above and beyond to provide them with the best experience possible. I love providing 
new creative products for my clients that will keep them coming back and I think it is critical to create a sincere relationship with each and every client, making it a real genuine experience.  

What is your favorite part of photographing seniors?
I love all things fashion!!  I love analyzing their clothing choices, jewelry, and accessories-helping them put together outfits! I also enjoy creating a scene for the shoots that is customized for that specific client.

What is the most popular product or products for seniors?  And where to get the products?
Image boxes, coffee table books, metal and acrylic prints are the most popular. All of these products are from or

What advise would you give someone just starting out in the senior photography market?
Be Different!!  Be unique from your competition and give your clients something they can’t obtain from anyone else in the area. Cater to your individual clients!

What has been your best marketing idea?
Giving each of my clients the best possible experience when they come to me is the best marketing I can do.  I cater to each clients individual goals so that the joy of their experience spreads from person to person.  Individualizing each session requires a base knowledge of each client. Discovering their goals requires some basic understanding of them as an individual.  “What does your dream image look like?” and “What do you plan to do with your images?” are examples of inquiries that allow me to shoot accordingly.  I think providing excellent customer service and responding to them in a timely manner helps as well.

What’s in your camera bag?
Canon 5D.  I am holding out for the new Canon 5D Mark III!
85mm 1.2 lens is my favorite!  I use it 95% of the time!
50mm 1.4 for newborns
70-200 mm 2.8 lens, although I rarely use it because I love the 85 so much!

Tell us a little about you…
Where are you from?
Houston. I went to college and received my Master’s Degree at the University of Colorado Boulder and then moved back to Texas and now live in San Antonio.

Married?  Yes  
How did you meet?  We met as River Rafting Guides.

Kids?  2 boys, 7 & 5 and one little girl, eight months

What is your favorite Savvy indulgence?  
I love a mani and pedi.  I just got this new shellac manicure and the polish stays on for two weeks!! I also love hanging out with my family and playing sports!

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be? 
I think being an actor would be fun, minus the drama! ☺

What were you before you were a photographer?  
I taught Jr. High PE and coached volleyball, basketball and track.

Thank you Natasha for a wonderful interview!

Be sure to check out Natasha’s beautiful work on her website, and you can follow her on her blog, or on twitter.

{Interview by Leslie Kerrigan


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