Wednesday, June 8, 2011

meet celia lewis

 Your Name: Celia Lewis

Location:  Midland Michigan-(also do alot of work in Texas)

How would you describe your style of photography?
My style of photography is very casual, fun and organic. I try to use my surroundings, natural sunlight and minimal posing to create a beautiful image while having fun.
What first drew you in to photography?
When I was little, growing up in Mexico, I saw alot of beautiful cultural things around me. I started with a film camera and then turned digital capturing all of these incredible things that surrounded me. This led me to become and Architect and from there it blossomed to what it is today bringing a whole new meaning into it when I started to photograph my own children.

Do you work out of your home or a studio? 
My home :)

Tell us about your business before the Savvy workshop? Before the Savvy Workshop I had been to many other classes but all where very formal and more about studio photography. My pricing was all over the place, I didn't have a backbone, I gave in to every request and it cost me alot of time and money. I also was hesitant about my style of photography and worried that many clients would not take me as serious as a large portrait studio. I also struggled balancing my work life with my family life and was debating wether to continue my business, because there were alot of people out there that thought they could do my job by buying a digital camera.

How has it changed since returning?
At the workshop I met so many wonderful talented ladies that also loved the style of photography I use. It was an instant connection and I realized to value what I do and how I do it as much as a large portrait studio would. More than anything It gave me the confidence bost I needed to value my work and myself and realized that people will only value my work if I own it 100%. I also realized it was time to prove it by re-branding and creating a pricing structure that was great for me and my clients.

What do you think is the most important thing you learned from the Savvy workshop?
Own your work!

What was your favorite part?
I truly enjoyed all of it, but one of my favorite parts was the individual shooting sessions. Watching the talented photographers photograph and sharing their ideas and talents with us when it was our turn to photograph the models.
Fun facts we want to know about you:

Favorite Savvy indulgence~ 
Well I have to say all the amounts of delicious food and desserts we had where a top contender, but the indulgence of a gorgeous room with a fabulous bathroom, fresh cookies on my bed at night and no little boys to distract me was pure JOY :)

Favorite place to shop~ 
I have to many to list but Anthropologie is my weakness.

Favorite vacation spot~ 
Hawaii, on a secluded beach in Maui

Favorite blogs to visit~
 The Saavy Blog of course - The Creative Mama- Baked Bree and too many others to list!

Favorite subject to photograph~ 

Favorite products you sell to your clients~ 
My favorite products right now would have to be the canvas wraps and wild sorbet frames. There is so much creativity that gets put into those and they become such unique pieces.

Favorite thing about being a photographer~
Everything. You get to capture they Joys in life!

 Describe your perfect day~ 
Wow, this question could go all
 over the place. For me a perfect day is bringing a smile to
 someone, by either doing something for them or just being
 there for them. That feeling when you brought happiness to
 others is perfection to me.

Your website: 

Thank you Celia! I love your branding and your tagline!



  1. Gorgeous Celia, so great to meet you again :)

  2. What I love the must when you take a picture
    is that you dont take just a picture, you take the best from the moment, your pictures are natural and fresh. Your work shows that you enjoy as much they do.

    Love, Mom