Friday, September 2, 2011

and we pray

I can't get her off my mind...for the last three days I have thought about her so often. She needs our prayers. A fellow photographer that we all love and admire...she is now in for the fight of her life. Ovarian Cancer. I'm speechless...and sad...and believe she will win this battle. 
Pray for her please. 
We love you Jen Thompson!



  1. Prayers to our Father, our Healer, and our Redeemer. She is not alone, He is with her. Prayers for her family for courage and strength and may she lean not on her own understanding, but come through this fight triumphantly, crushing what is intended for her bad. She has already won this battle, in Jesus name!

  2. Prayers and good thoughts to Jen - I hope your cancer journey is quick and easy.

  3. Definitely saying a prayer! Much love and prayers on the way!

  4. My heart is breaking for this amazing woman! I will pray for you Jen! Keep fighting!!