Monday, October 10, 2011

Savvy Studio Tours Week

We love studio tours around here and we love sharing them with our readers!  We know there are many studios out there and there are plenty of unique ways to set up your studio space.

Some studios are in-home studios, some are on-location studios and some are even “starbucks studios.”  Whether you are considering opening your own studio space or you are still meeting your clients for coffee at your neighborhood Starbucks, you will be inspired by these photographer’s spaces.

We are dedicating this week to Studios!  We want to share the photos that you will definitely oooh and aaahhh over, but we also want to give you the information you need to make your decision on whether to open up a studio or spruce up your in-home space.

Several photographers participated in this series by letting us into their space via photos and an interview.  They all share tips and tricks, pros and cons to having your own studio space.  We hope you will find as much inspiration from these studio tours as we did!

Our first studio tour comes from The Savvy Photographer's sister!  Anne Siller, of Anne Siller Photography, has such a beautiful, calm space that is the perfect place to display her favorite works of art.  She has a mixture of large prints, framed prints and black and white photos.  But what I love the most is her neutral color scheme that really allows all the photos to stand out.

She told me that when designing her space all she wanted was for her clients to feel calm as soon as they walked in the door.  "When photographing kids, it can be chaotic and stressful, especially for parents.  I wanted my clients, kids included, to walk into my studio and immediately relax," says Anne.

After looking at these photos of her space, I can see how her clients will definitely be calm and enjoy having their photos taken.  It makes me want to just go there and hang out with her on those plush chairs!!  And how awesome is the outdoor studio space and barn?  I love it!  Thanks for sharing Anne!

Tell me about you...where are you from?  married?  kids?  how did you begin your journey in photography?  I am from Mobile, AL but live in Houston, TX. I am married to the nicest guy in the world and we are blessed with 4 children. I guess my journey began when my oldest daughter was born (she will be 16 next month) and I became a little obsessive about capturing her every move and expression.  After digging through old photographs looking for my old baby pictures, I came across some really old & beautiful black and white pictures.  I was blown away by the simplicity and superior quality of the fiber papers.  It was then that I knew what I wanted my pictures to look like.  I took classes, learned to process and develop and took pictures of everything. Before long I realized that I loved it and that I was really pretty good.  Soon I had people calling wanting me to photograph their children and I took exclusively black and white portraits until about 6 years ago.

How long have you been in business?  14 years

How long have you had a studio space?  This is my 3rd studio space and I think my favorite. I have been here a little less that a year.

Where is it located?  In Houston, TX in a great little area called Memorial.

How would you describe the look of your studio? Simple, classic, neutral finishes.

Did you enlist the help of a designer or did you design the space yourself? I did consult with a designer to make a plan.  Her name is Grace Carrell and she is so talented. She helped me put things in perspective.  We really focused on how I wanted my clients to feel when they walked in the door. "Calm" is what I was looking for.  I know first hand how crazy it is to get 4 kids looking picture perfect, but when they walk through my door their job is to relax and I wanted the environment to make that easy.

What were the important design elements that were a must when you were thinking about creating your studio space?  My vision was to display portraits exactly as I would in my own home.  I don't want to be guilty of displaying exclusively the largest and most expensive choices.  I don't enlarge every picture of my kids to 40x40 nor would I suggest my clients do that. Of course, some pictures just scream to be displayed large and prominent.  I  love the impact of groupings and I love using really fine papers.  I also really enjoy helping with framing.

Was there a lot of work/remodeling/construction when creating your space?  If so what all was involved?  I fortunately did not have to do anything besides a fresh coat of paint, white of course.

What are the pros to having a studio space? I love to have a spot to meet with clients and store all of my props, equipment etc. But my favorite part of this space is my outdoor shooting space.  I have 2 acres and a little barn.
I just love that kids LOVE coming here and they really don't want to leave.

What are the cons? Hmmm....I guess the housekeeping stuff..I have a toilet in my yard right now...waiting on my plumber. But really, no complaints.

What is your favorite part of the studio?  My little barn.. It is so cute, I just painted it white inside and it's full of vintage furniture.

If you could have anything in the studio that you currently do not have, what would it be? Seriously I would love a guy just to haul my furniture around. I get really tired of moving couches, chairs and my newest addition, a bed.

I love seeing the Savvy Backdrops displayed in your studio, do you photograph with them in your studio or are they just for location shoots?
When we developed the portable backdrops, we intended them for on-location newborn shoots. But I have to say, I love them in the studio also.  I move them around everywhere, inside, outside, in the barn, anywhere that the light is perfect.
They are so versatile and when not being used they look great on the wall.

What is your favorite thing to shoot in your studio? Definitely kids,  I love, love, love 3 year olds.  Their honesty and willingness to share all the family secrets make my job so fun.  I should write a book of the stories I hear.

Thank you Anne for the studio tour and a big thank you to Leslie Kerrigan for bringing us the Savvy Studio Tours Week!

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  1. Great post. I just emailed you with a question b/c I am ready to purchase something from you. If you could get back to me on email, that would be so helpful, thank you!

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    Great Post! Love all the pictures!