Friday, January 27, 2012

Simple Tricks for Organizing Your Workspace

Simple Tricks for Organizing your Workspace
By Leah Remillet at Go{4}Pro Photos

Time. The one commodity that everyone wishes they had more of. But in order to have more time, we need to be more productive. And in order to be more productive, we have to get more organized.
I'm sure you can relate, but my productivity levels have a night and day difference from when I've got it together and when I don't. Clutter kills creativity and chaos stumps productivity. In short - organization is crucial. In a world where we're constantly trying to be it all, we've got to start with being organized.
Confession: It's really easy for me to think about what pretty things I would like in my office! A flip through the Pottery Barn Magazine, a stroll down the aisles of Target and those ideas are flow'n! The fresh flowers, the vintage cameras and the beautiful canvases adorning the walls... I can see it all now. Isn't it lovely?

But pretty does not always translate to productive. I need both! So, I began my attempt to figure out this magical land of organization.

First I created a Functionality Plan. Instead of planning the color scheme or furniture layout, I scrutinized over what actually makes my workspace workable...

This is my list of what I need in my office to be able to accomplish something...
1. Computer Station: Clean/clear desk with computer.
2. Reference Station: Archival disks, notebooks, client paperwork, etc.
3. Supply Station: Office supplies such as ink, paper, etc.
4. Packaging Station: Ribbon, boxes, bags, tissue, tags, press printed products, etc.
5. Prop Station: Tutus, hats, bowls, clothing, fabric, etc.
6. Equipment Station: Camera gear, projector, screen and such.

Does it sound like I have a studio space to organize all of this? I don't! I have the extra bedroom, and that's my office. But by creating "stations," I could start to determine what it is I really needed in order to create functionality. Try it and see what you come up with.

Moral of the story... Think past just pretty and on to pretty functional!

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