Saturday, February 25, 2012

go big...or go home

We do our best to convince our clients to go big..really big...but a 16x20 sounds too big to them. I think the best way to convince them big is better is to simply show them. 

Make a statement with your images! Fill your walls with the best art around..and go BIG!

So how big is it? 30x40

Where can you get it? If you are a photographer, check out Burrell Imaging. If you aren't a photographer, then find an experienced photographer in your town.

Who is the cutie above? My little 5 year old love...she's a keeper. And if you heard her sing, you would be amazed...yes, I'm bragging...isn't that what Moms are supposed to do?

Where will I hang it? Still haven't decided...I ordered it for my bathroom. I wanted something artsy to fill a blank wall...but it's so amazing in person I don't know if I can keep it hidden away in there. I'll take a picture when I do decide to hang it. 



  1. Marsha!...I absolutely love this and the decor behind it all. I show 20x30's in my studio as a "standard" size, but now...well...I will just have to double it in the future. With your permission, may I share & use the above image in a blog post about "going big" or "bigger is better". Thanks, are an inspiration, always.

  2. Gorgeous!! And I would say to do something similar for yourself in your bathroom in the realm of conservative boudoir.... wouldn't that rock the sock of your husband!!!

  3. LOVE it!! Now I want BIGGER prints for my house!

  4. This is absolutley wonderful! I am a huge fan of the bigger prints (ha! No pun intended :)
    I do have a question though - you mentioned this is for the bathroom - won't the humidity damage the print/canvas overtime?
    Again, great image.

  5. Oh my, this is AMAZING! I adore the size, love that you captured your daughter next to the print, better visual.

  6. I did have a client a few months ago get 3 photos that size... but they did not offer any mounting... this is some how mounted... what did you order.. I did look into where you had it printed but looks like they have many ways to print it that way.... Great photo... I am thinking I may have to do the same!