Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Packaging Week~ day three

Day three of packaging week and I realized we have more than five packaging "looks" to how about two today?
The above images of the tangerine and green branding was so much fun to put together. I've never been a fan of orange but it quickly became a new favorite...especially with the green!

Cream boxes~ Mpixpro
Signature Letterpress cards~ Miller's Lab
White bags and tissue paper ~ Michaels
Ribbon~ Hobby Lobby
Green flower~ Michaels
Orange and white paper flower~ Michaels
Orange and white gift card tin~ Michaels

The Beach Inspired Burlap...perfect for summertime shoots at the beach... 
Cream boxes~ Mpixpro
Natural color take out box and crinkle paper~ Michaels
Vase with shell~ Michaels
Burlap and twine~ see yesterday's post
Ribbon~ Hobby Lobby



  1. Love ALL of the great packaging ideas this week!

  2. Wow, LOVE these packaging ideas!
    My colors are aqua and orange, so I am really liking the first packaging...

    Thanks for putting these up!