Thursday, February 2, 2012

Packaging Week~ day four

I love the look of black and white! It always looks classy...and makes a simple, yet elegant, statement. 
I added different embellishments to show how you can change up the look...the white tissue paper flower adds a more casual look...the black and flower gives it a whimsical's all about preference. Or you can go completely classic and just use ribbons to dress up your packaging.

Cream boxes~ Mpixpro
Luxe Cards ~ Mpixpro
Card Designs~ Jamie Schultz Designs 
Black and White Houndstooth Gift Bag~ Pier 1 Imports
Ribbon~ Hobby Lobby
White tissue paper flower~ handmade and super easy! Here's a great tutorial for making the flowers
Black and white  flower~ Michaels
Gleneagles Bottled Water~ love this water...found it at Home Goods!

Just in case you missed the rest of packaging week, here's a link to the entire week... Packaging Week



  1. Oh I love the black and white houndstooth look!!!! love it. great ideas, thanks for sharing all the different ways you can fancy up the packaging.

  2. I love this packaging! So simple but really elegant.