Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's Thursday...and tomorrow is the day...the last day of school! It will be a glorious day in my house. I start singing "School's out for summer" know the one by Alice Cooper that my kids have never heard and wonder what I'm singing. Just googled the words and realized maybe it's not the best song to sing...I need a new "school's out" song! 
I really do enjoy my kids being out of school. I enjoy the lazy pajama days. I love being able to hop in the car and take a trip whenever we desire. I LOVE the games of Rummikub with my boys. I love staying up late with the kids watching movies. Our new neighborhood has a pool and I'm excited for my kids to get to hang out with their friends all day soaking up the sun. I'm ready...bring it on.
The lazy days of summer also make work a bit harder. So please be patient if the post here aren't as often as normal. I have big plans of spending quality time with three little people (who aren't so little is taller than me and the other will probably be soon after sumer...but they are still my people). 

I just saw this on Pinterest and thought what a fun summer project this would be. Each week make a set of Instagram photostrips from images during the week...and then I thought how fun if my readers wanted to be a part of the fun..."The Twelve Weeks of Summer" project! Want to join me? 
I'll post more about it soon...and I hope you want to jump in on the fun for a week or two...or twelve!

There is a fabulous "how to" on making these photostrips on the wonderful blog, The College Prepster. Her blog is full of pink, green and preppy! A girl after my own her blog and the great tutorial you can find here

I'm looking forward to getting to "meet" you all on instagram! Follow me there... @savvyphotographer 


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