Monday, May 21, 2012

What a star struck Sunday

Yesterday I had the honor of attending the Spelman College Commencement Ceremony. The guest speaker was the one and only, Oprah. Amazing to hear her speak! She encouraged the graduates to "Always do the right thing even when nobody knows. You will always bring the right thing to you." And my favorite quote from Miss O.... "Let excellence be your brand". 
I love that! As photographers and artist, we are always trying to define what our brand is...let it be excellence! Love that!

I was also a proud wife when my husband was on stage introducing the three graduates who were commissioned as Naval Officers. I must say he did great. (thousands were there!) And looked great in that uniform! 

I met Star Jones and had my picture made with her...but no one will ever see that (full) picture because I'm smiling so big I look like a fool:)  
I was told no cameras were I followed the rules and didn't bring a camera. Just my iphone...and EVERYONE had cameras! I can't believe I didn't bring one. So... I have no pictures of Oprah...just tiny iphone pics that you can't even see. 

This is us...stuck in traffic trying to get there. Smiling through our irritation of being late.


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