Monday, August 20, 2012

Savvy Workshop speaker~ Leslie Kerrigan

We are so excited to have Leslie Kerrigan  join us as a speaker at the 2012 Savvy Workshop in Alys Beach! Leslie is a writer for the Savvy blog and the face behind Leslie Kerrigan Photography and Seniorologie, a blog dedicated to the study of senior portrait photography. 

Will you share with us how you started a career in photography?

I began my career not unlike a lot of other photographers out there...I had kids and decided that I couldn't resist their cute little faces and had to capture them all the time! :)  I remember being interested in photography even in college but heard the professor was hard.  And since I liked to be social a little more than I liked to study, I decided taking the course was not a great idea!  So I fiddled around with my dad's old film camera, asked a friend to share some tips and read a book.  I remember practicing my new hobby on a visit to Colorado.  I must have ruined a million packs of film.  The photos were horrible and I gave up.  Fast forward to when I had my kids, I decided to try it again.  This time with digital and the hope that I would be able to try it out without going bankrupt on film.  I started out playing around with posing and lighting but only used my point and shoot camera.  I had no idea what I was doing!  I spent a week at my in-laws house in Indiana and was glued to the computer.  I was trying to soak in as much information as I could, and becasue my in-laws were busy playing with the kids, I had some time to spend on the computer!  I stumbled upon two blogs that really helped me out in the beginning and are still my favorites to this day...The Savvy Photographer and The Pioneer Woman.  Both really inspired me and taught me things I didn't even know I needed to know to be able to take great photos.  I practiced all that week in Indiana and one of my favorite images to this day was of my two boys and it was taken in front of a beautiful old barn with my point and shoot.  That was in the fall and that Christmas, I received my first DSLR.  Every since then I have continued to learn and practice my craft!

We love your blog for senior portrait photographers, did you come up with the idea for it?

I love to write.  I actually have a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications.  I was blogging for this fabulous blog, The Savvy Photographer and I loved it.  I started thinking of ways that I could create something different and something that would appeal to senior photographers because that was the area of photography I was passionate about.  I wanted to learn about it and figured others did too.  So Seniorologie was born!

Did you attend any workshops or seminars that made a big difference in your business?

I love workshops!  I always learn something at every one that I attend.  The very first workshop I ever attended was Nichole Van's workshop!  It was in Orlando and it was fabulous.  I remember being extremely overwhelmed at first because I was so new and didn't know some of the things she was talking about.  I was too embarrassed to ask the questions so I asked my roommate after each day of the workshop!  But after I got up the courage to ask the questions, I was able to really learn a ton!  Since then I have been to other workshops and photography events such as WPPI.  I love any chance to learn and no matter where I am in my career, I always feel like I can learn more!

Who or what inspires you as a photographer?

I am inspired by lots of things!  Fashion magazines are a favorite of mine so I definitely like to find inspiration there.  I also love Pinterest, but then again who doesn't!  I am also inspired by my clients and what they love!!

What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

I love photograph seniors!  I like the one-on-one aspect that senior photography provides.  I love working with that age group as they are up for anything and usually like having their photos taken!

What are you favorite products that you offer your clients?

I love mini accordion albums!  Most of my clients get them for moms, grandmothers and mother-in-laws!  It is such a great thing to put in your purse and have with you at all times!  Just pull it out and show off your photos!

Do you shoot with Canon or Nikon?

Nikon D700

Favorite thing in your camera bag?

I love my camera and my 85 and 50 mm lenses!

What's your Savvy indulgence?

I love anything chocolate!  And I also am addicted to Coke!

Again, thank you for joining us at the Savvy 2012 workshop...can you give us a summary of what you will be speaking about and teaching the girls?

I will be speaking about all things Seniors!!  I will share a little bit of what I also share at The Seniorologie Tour, which is being held October 21-23 in Texas!  Some topics will be: How to get into the senior market and How to create a rep program that works for you!  I can't wait to share with everyone and answer any questions attendees have!  I am also excited to talk about blogging with the other ladies on the speaker panel!!  I just can't wait to meet everyone!!


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