Thursday, February 27, 2014

Future fashion designers...cute as could be!

 We had a great time at the Savvy Studio Workshop last weekend! The shoots were so much fun...great little models (recognize the one with braids? My sweet little Ava was a trooper modeling for all those photographers...having her best friend model along side her made it much more fun!)

Our guest speaker was amazing! Lisa Furey taught the girls so much...I even learned a ton! I have much more to blog about (it's been quiet on the blog lately) much blogging to catch up on! I'll get there (eventually). Enjoy some of the images for now of our future fashion designers in action. 

We have a few seats left for the 2014 Alys Beach workshop!
Grab your seat here!  



  1. The perfect little models. I can't believe those braids! We all should have hair like that! Darling.

  2. He he! So cute! Would've loved to see their sketched designs too :)