Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Life Art Design Shoppe

Life Art Design Shoppe offers designs from Sylvia Rhodea, child and family photographer. Our latest designs, the Sketchy Collection, includes borders, storyboards and cards created with hand drawn borders to give your photos a whimsical touch! Our Rock the Walls template packages are filled with information and designs to empower you to beautifully integrate your portraits into your clients’ homes. Rock the Walls templates take the guess work out of wall design purchases, providing multiple portrait layouts which include overall layout dimensions, portrait sizes, frame widths and furniture dimensions displayed. Maximize your sales, and give your customers the confidence they need to go large! Designs are fully layered to allow for personalized presentation with customer's images, brand customization, and designed for economical printing and private web display. 10 fun design tip cards, pricing sheets, flip book pages and our Rock the Walls design guide included.

Visit us at, and enjoy 15% off with discount code "savvy" through November 25th, 2009.

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Clickin' Moms

Sassy Designs

Hi, everyone! My name is Terry and I’m the designer
behind Sassy Designs, Ltd in Cleveland, Ohio.
I started off as a website designer back in 1997. I was intrigued by the web and I wanted to learn how to create my own website.

So I did.
I read books and tutorials and I taught myself HTML –
and everything else I needed to know.
I started Sassy Designs in 2002 after a few years of experience and enough confidence that I could actually make it. I focused on website design but as the years went by I began branching out and doing different types of projects – logo design, print design, and ad design. I even had the opportunity to design the layout and masthead for a local newspaper/tabloid publication
devoted to canines.
After the birth of my son in 2006 I realized that I didn’t quite have the time to devote to large scale website design projects so I focused more on the smaller ones. When my oldest and dearest friend started her own photography business she hired me on the side to design custom business forms for her so she could get her brand in place. Then she asked for my design help in creating custom birth announcements for her clients. That is ultimately what got me started designing card templates.
In June of this year I officially re-launched my website and opened up a shop on Etsy. I was nervous to make the leap but I must say it is one of the best decisions I ever made! I now offer a variety of card templates designed around WHCC’s print specifications along with digital papers and other design elements for those photographers that want to create their own. I also take custom orders. So if you’re looking for something specific to coordinate with your existing image just let me know! I’ve designed quite a few custom sets of digital papers to coordinate with existing branding – they make a great addition and accent to websites, blogs, and marketing materials!

As a gift to all of you readers of The Savvy Photographer I’m offering a free template download. Enjoy!



  1. More great vendors today!!! Thank you for the card, Terry:)

  2. I love finding new designers for my clients! It's always fantastic here! Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for the template, Terry! Your designs are beautiful!

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  8. great vendors today, thanks for the discounts :)

    terry, thanks so much for the freebie, i just love it!

    can i also say that i am drooling over your digital papers? i can't decide which one to get!

  9. Where can we find you on Etsy?