Thursday, November 19, 2009

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Actions and Textures by Brenda

"By far these are the BEST actions I have EVER purchased. And after using them for the last week I would have paid easily what I paid for those high end actions! Honestly that has cut my editing time by HOURS. I used to adjust my curves and mask back in my skin tones, which took forever! Now I run your fast color action or MY FAVE the b/w 2 action and I’m done. I’ve never been too big on actions, I like to be able to do the work myself….but are you kidding! I’d also like to spend more time with my husband and kids. AND after I use them the photos are perfect to start messing with some of the other “fun” actions. Seems like we spend hundreds of bucks on these types of actions….but I want an action that is going to give me a nice, usable, SELLABLE photo!
Thanks again Brenda. In my humble opinion the best bang for your buck in actions!!!"
-Jennifer Sparaco

Just a taste of what happy customers are saying! Brenda has a wide range of actions to suit all your editing needs from rich color to that slight haze and not to mention her well known and popular black and white 2 action that started it all. All the actions are compatible with each other so you can use multiple actions on your photos. All the actions are simple to use and each one is completely customizable to make it your own. So, if you want to go to the extreme on your photo or just a touch of's all in the palm of your hands.

And the best don't have to buy the entire action bundle. YES, you choose which actions you want ($12.00 minimum order is required). We've all been there....we see an action set with one maybe two actions we want but we have to buy the entire set to get it...well not with Brenda's actions. You get to pick and choose which ones you want. Since she released her first actions over three years ago, she has kept her actions affordable for you with most actions between $3.00 and $4.00 each. Visit for more examples and details.

Do you want to add a dash of drama to your photos…try adding a texture (or two) to them.
For the price of $25.00, you get 12 high resolution textures along with directions on how to use them. Visit for details and more examples of Brenda's textures.

For all the savvy photographer blog readers and in honor of vendor week, Brenda is offering a discount of 15% off everything! If you are purchasing the textures and complete action bundle, use the code savvy15 in the coupon box. If you are purchasing single actions, do not use the PayPal buttons on the site, instead, add up your total, figure out the 15% savvy discount, deduct it from the regular total and make payment directly to If you use the PayPal buttons, it will not give you a discount option.

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Special Savvy Membership Deal: $1 First Month, $47 Each Month Thereafter.

Savvy Special Ordering Link:

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  1. I LOVE Brenda's actions! They rock!

  2. If anyone has a question about the service, let me know.