Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{can't get enough of Imaging...can we?}

Where did I get everything? I don't mind all the questions...and I also don't mind sharing where it came from.

Most of the furniture came from Target ...love that place! I ordered the white desk from Target online...also the vintage pink phone came from there. If you saw the booth, then you had a chance to see the small white bookshelves. They were also a Target online find that were on sale...i don't think they have anymore. The round white table was found at Target in Nashville. We also picked up the green chairs and pink pillows there too! Gotta love

Most of the fun accessories came from Marshalls and TJMaxx. Many of the frames in the booth were from there and also the flowers...a fun way to add a little color!
The pink knobs on the desk drawers were from Anthropologie. They have so many great knobs to dress up any peice of furniture!

The mounted print on the easel is from our Savvy Canvas Collection...we printed it on a mounted 16x24 to show they aren't just for canvases. Here's the link to those...Savvy Canvas Collection

The most popular part of the booth was the floor! We are selling the "barnwood floor" rug here at The Savvy Photographer blog.

***the link to the rugs has removed until we can catch up with our current orders! We hope to have it back up soon! thanks for your patience.

Here's the link to find the Pepper Camera straps and to join the fabulous forum started by Lori Nordstrom, Photo Talk Forum.

I love how they displayed color and sepia prints together...



  1. Thanks for all the info ... your both looks amazing. Would you also mind sharing where you got that big white easel?

  2. OK, I've got what may be a silly question for you. Is the barnwood rug really a fabric rug or is it a lino rug? Just having problems figuring out what it actually is...I think I need one, LOL, but I'd just like a little clarification on what it's made of.
    Thanks :)

  3. your so awesome. thanks for sharing all your goodies with us.

  4. It was nice meeting you at Imaging! Super cute booth. Looking forward to talking with you again sometime at another event. Have a fantastic day!

  5. it just goes to show that you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to look spectacular! Wonderful creative booth and so very savvy!

  6. Awe!! Those canvas groupings are mine!! So cool and so happy you like them. Those are actual walls that clients purchased before the holidays. So nice to meet you at IUSA!!

    Allison Rodgers :)