Sunday, February 28, 2010

meet {and greet} Shane Carter

meet {and greet} Shane Carter...the other half of Marla and Shane. I couldn't resist adding a male to the mix of this very pink blog...and he happily obliged.

Tell us what it's like working with your wife?

It's great... I love it! I can't think of anyone that I'd rather be around all day long. Seriously! It's a very comfortable working relationship for me. I have no doubt that I bug Marla way more than she bugs me!

Does your style differ from hers?

The final results are very similar. I think it would be difficult to tell the difference in our work in most cases.

What do you think about being the first male featured on the Savvy blog?

Wow... that's awesome! I've been called a lot of things before, but never Savvy!

How is it decided who photographs a client when they call to book a session?

Sand! If a client wants a session at the beach I'm the guy. Marla's attitude takes a turn for the worse when her pants are full of sand!

Do you favor black and white or color?

I really don't have a favorite. The lighting conditions, session location and personalities of my subjects dictate how I process each session. I show what feels right initially. If my clients want me to change it I will.

What's your Savvy indulgence?

Surf and adventure trips south of the border. Deer hunts anywhere I can get away to. Hours upon hours of Juijitsu training. Yep... I've got it made!

Favorite type of session?

I love family sessions at the beach! We are blessed to live and work in a very special place. It's unexplainably magical here. Hard working parents relax upon arrival. Children are happy. Family's come together. There is more focus on simple pleasures. This is the foundation upon which the photo session takes place. I don't interrupt it, I capture it. Truth. Simplicity. Honesty. These are my goals for every session.

Least favorite thing about this business?

The pace and the schedule. I do 80% of my work in less than 4 months. It happens so fast I can't enjoy it as much as I'd like. It also happens so fast that I can't enjoy my family as much as I would like during the rush. We both work very hard to maintain balance between work and family during the busy summer season.

Marla says the reason you don't work together is because you are too energetic {and crazy} do you respond to this?

At the end of every session I'm soaked with sweat and sea water. I'm covered from head to toe with sand, and my camera looks like a giant sugar cookie. Crazy? Maybe so... but it works!

What would you be if you weren't a photographer?

I think I would make a great "trophy husband"! I look forward to the day when Marla can support my lifestyle of leisure.

What is the best advice you would give a couple starting a photography business?

Constantly challenge each other but don't compete.

Who is the better or Marla? {totally a joke}

Marla has forgotten more about photography than most people (including me) know. Every good business decision we ever made was Marla's.
But I'm waaaaay more fun!

Thank you Marla and Shane!



  1. Another Great interview! The Carters seem like awesome people. I was cracking up while reading this. I'll definitely have to visit their studio on my next vacation down there. Thanks Marsha!

  2. Wow what a great person he seems to be. He just seems so down to earth. I would love to meet both Shane and Carla. They both look like great photographers and not to mention there work looks so amazing.

  3. great interview and the images are clean and them!