Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tomorrow is March...the month of the workshop...we are so excited to launch the first ever Savvy Sisterhood Workshop on the Waterfront! We are thrilled to have an incredible line up of eight wonderful speakers and 60 fabulous attendees!

And with all this excitement comes many things to do...and I must put something on the back burner to focus on more important things. That means we are taking the link off the blog for the barnwood rugs just for the month of March...and will resume selling them April 1, 2010. I was not prepared for the popularity of these great rugs...and the sales have soared...but I must focus on other things for the month. So on April 1st, we will also offer more styles~ which will be so much fun to show the great ways to photograph using these portable...and adorable...rugs. I've gotten so many emails telling me how much they love their new I hope you can wait patiently for the new link to purchase.

Want to see who else is waiting patiently...

this is Bella...our sweet {she really is sweet...even though she may look tough} bull mastiff...she was waiting patiently for the bacon to fall...she just sat there as my daughter ate...waiting for any morsel that might fall to the ground. She looks well fed~ we are so sad she will not be joining us on our Japan adventure. She will get to visit the grandparents for a while, which works out perfect due to the fact that they just had to say goodbye to their beloved dog after a long illness.


{Have a sweet Sunday~ tomorrow is something special~ the first male interview on the Savvy blog...Shane Carter! We loved meeting Marla, his wife, and we think you'll love him too!}



  1. OHHHH!! Bella is gorgeous! I have a female Bull Mastiff too. Everyone always thinks she's a boy because she looks so tough! LOL! Mine was a runt so she's only 80 lbs (I think I got very lucky with that!). They are the sweetest doggies!!!

  2. I have that darling barnwood rug, and my daughter just received that same pink retro kitchen this past Christmas... AND, we also have that same pink polka-dot dress you have pictured with the barnwood floor link, and she has those same pink cowboy boots (her favorite) LOL

  3. March is such a wonderful month. Should a spot open up for the Workshop, please feel free to contact me.

    I do love those barn floors

  4. Ohh, sweet girl! She is beautiful. Like Jennifer, I had a runt who everyone automatically called a "he" instead of "she" and frequently "the biggest boxer I've ever seen". I recently lost my bullmastiff to cancer and treasure her photos even more.
    Strangely, it never occurred to me to use food bribery for photos. I totally should have had my husband hold some bacon off camera, except she probably would have been slobbery with anticipation. Thank you for sharing Bella with us.