Monday, May 16, 2011

the giveaway update

**update~ The winner of the giveaway is...Amy Susi from Susi Photography! Congratulations Amy! 
We also have a secret sale link for you from Debi on the newborn here.

Thank you all for being so patient when Blogger went down on Thursday and Friday.*  I apologize to everyone who left comments and those who tried to leave them but couldn't. The Blogger site had a huge system wide malfunction and the comments were deleted. Thankfully Debi offered to host the comments on her blog for the giveaway...thank you Debi! 
I will announce the winner of the giveaway soon...stay tuned!

Debi is also the one who sells the wonderful antique replica newborn bowls...aren't they perfect for sweet little newborns!

*{yes...I use Blogger..the free site that I happen to love~ I tried Wordpress with the previous site and paid the big bucks for that site that didn't work...and came back to Blogger..I think Wordpress is probably a great site but I had such a hard time with the designer who designed mine with no help from her to fix I'm happy to be back to Blogger...even if some people might consider it unprofessional, it works for me}


  1. If it works, that is what matters! I have stayed with blogger as well, it has done well for me. I have issues with comments at times, but overall, it is easy, I don't have to have a programer and it is less overhead for me!

  2. I love blogger! It's just so EASY! These bowls are great too, def going to take a look at those as I'm just getting into newborn photography... I came across your site a little while ago and enjoy it, thanks.

  3. I'm just glad to get the emails every day, when you switched to the new blog format, I didn't get the emails anymore! If you ever want to go back to Wordpress, try Moxie Design Studios, they are awesome. Very reliable.

  4. I love blogger. I use to envy all "wordpresses" but if it works use it. You've inspired me to not make the change. Just because it's free doesn't mean it's not good. Blogger has grown tremendously and Im glad your back.:)