Thursday, June 9, 2011

meet joanne rojcewicz

Your Name:
Joanne Rojcewicz 

Northern Virginia / Washington, DC metro area 

How would you describe your style of photography?
I started out in photojournalism, so my work is influenced by that style. I don't like to set too much up when I'm shooting. I want my pictures to look natural and show real interaction between families and couples.
What first drew you in to photography?
I took classes in high school and college, and was hooked. After college, I worked for a portrait photographer in her darkroom, developing film and printing black & white enlargements. (wow, that makes me sound ancient) After that, I started working as a newspaper photojournalist. I loved documenting people and events, and the thrill/challenge of going out on assignment and having to come back with good, useable images every time. Having to think on my feet, and going into situations that I couldn't control really proved to be a useful skill for photographing weddings and kids. 

Do you work out of your home or a studio?
I run my business out of my home. And I am not showing you a picture of it because it looks nothing like the beautiful studios and offices you feature on this blog :)  I may or may not have cat puke under my desk right now.

Tell us about your business before the Savvy workshop?
I started my business a few years before the workshop. I had always shot weddings for friends and friends of friends, so I decided to give the business a try, and began doing family shoots as well. I work full time in the advertising industry, so the business was (and still is) a part time job. 

How has it changed since returning?
I really got serious about my business after the workshop. I ramped it up and was very busy for the rest of the year. I shot 5 weddings and about 20 families in 2010, which is a lot for me since I also have a full time job. I am hoping to keep the momentum going in 2011, and eventually make this a full time gig.

What do you think is the most important thing you learned from the Savvy workshop?
That my pricing was too low! And I also discovered the patch tool. How did I not use that before?? But I think I learned the most by watching other people work. I loved watching Marta Locklear during a maternity session and then shooting with her on the portfolio building day. She pushed me to look at things from a different perspective and got me out of my comfort zone. 
I wrote a blog post about my experience at the workshop that can be found here

What was your favorite part?
I really met some great, talented women that have become my friends. And the huge claw foot bathtub in my room at the Inn wasn't bad either :)

Fun facts we want to know about you:

Favorite Savvy indulgence~
Pedicures. I always seem to find time for them! 

Favorite place to shop~

Favorite vacation spot~
The Outer Banks. I have been vacationing there for 10 years now, and it's where my husband proposed to me. 

Favorite blogs to visit~

Matt Mendelsohn - he is an incredible wedding photographer, also a photojournalist. And he shot my wedding!
Bobbi and Mike 

Betsy King

Blue Lilly

Little Moon Photography

Favorite subject to photograph~
I love shooting weddings. And also, my 3 month old baby Oliver and 4 year old son Max! 

Favorite products you sell to your clients~
I keep it pretty simple and only offer a few products to clients. But I love canvas gallery wraps. 

Favorite thing about being a photographer~
 Documenting people's lives.

Describe your perfect day~
It would be a day on the Outer Banks. After a lazy morning, I'd head to the beach with my family and relax in the sand all day, watching dolphins swim and drinking beer. 

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  1. great read - love the cat puke comment - can totally relate! Keep up the great work, love the momma and baby portrait-

  2. I ADORE these interviews!!! Pretty awesome images too! ;)


    P.S: Wanna help me name my new photography company? Would love for you to come by and provide some creative input! :D