Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~~meet nicole templeton

 Your Name: Nicole Templeton
Location: Wainwright, Alberta, Canada

How would you describe your style of photography? 
Earthy with a retro flair....and light. I love beautiful light!

What first drew you in to photography?
Photography has always been a part of my life. I was given my first camera when I was 12 and have had one with me since then.
I am a dreamer at heart and have always been drawn to the romance of an image. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at an old photo or an image in a magazine and put myself in it. Imagining the story behind it and how the people felt. Photographers create a visual history that tell the story to future viewers. As the viewer we need to delve into our imaginations and recreate that story.
That story and the history behind it...I want to be the photographer to give people that experience.

Do you work out of your home or a studio?
I have a home studio. Being able to spend my days at home with my daughter is a gift. We have lunch on the deck and go on adventures in the woods...I wouldn't want to trade that for anything.
When clients come out for their session they can enjoy a drive through the countryside and unwind. I have landscaped my yard and the area around it so that there are little vignettes tucked here and there. I have a spiral staircase from an old fire hall tucked in the trees. A vintage bike, a bed in a field and a beach with a pier. If clients want structures in their photos there is an abandoned farm site and a school all within a 5 minute drive.
The studio itself is set up so that when you enter my home clients are not in my living space. The client lounge, my office and the studio space are all accessible from a large entry. My shooting space is 16 feet by 26 feet.
I love my space and it is unique to my clients. 90% of my  images are taken here.

Tell us about your business before the Savvy workshop?
I had already been in business for a few years before I came to the workshop. I had an idea of what I wanted Crimson Chickadee to be and was trying to work towards that. Being from a smaller community I don't have the luxury of being able to specialize. I have to be able to shoot every type of session from a newborn to a graduate to a wedding.  I was busy but I needed to organize my business better.

How has it changed since returning?
It really has changed quite a bit. I have scaled down the amount of sessions I accept. Making each and everyone a more personalized experience. I also had an associate working for me at the time. I feel not having another photographer  makes for a more consistent  brand when clients look at any online presence I have. I really want a certain look and feel for my brand. Realizing at the workshop that my photography business will only be what I have envisioned it if I make it  that way from the first contact with a client to after the product is delivered. Seeing such a strong group of photographers together helped me to see the whole picture and bring it home and apply it.

What do you think is the most important thing you learned from the Savvy workshop?
When I was on the flight home from the workshop I was thinking about each of the ladies that were speakers over the weekend.
I was digesting everything that was said when I came to the realization that what makes them all successful is they are true to themselves.
Each and every one of them is a unique individual and their personalities shine through their work.
Jodie for example is an equestrian. When I look at her images I see that. A lot of her images remind me of the stable with deep rich wood tones.
Jessica is upbeat and fun. Her images are bright and vibrant.
Melanie is as sweet as can be and her images are soft and airy.
You can really see all of their personalities in their images.I love that concept and it was like a light bulb for me.
Since that moment I have been turning my business into an outlet of myself. My branding, the images that come out of my camera, and even the look of the studio. All of these things are pieces of me as a person. That has changed my outlook on my business and has allowed me to enjoy all aspects of it.

What was your favorite part?
All of it! The location, the food, the other attendees and the ladies who spoke...all of those things together made such a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed every moment!

Fun facts we want to know about you:

Favorite Savvy indulgence~
Books! I love books. I don't care if they are old picture books, the history of a long lost empire or the latest best seller. I lose track of time with a book in my hand and I usually have one with me everywhere I go.

Favorite place to shop~
Any flea market, rummage sale, or vintage finds store. I love looking at all the little treasures and imagining what the story is behind them.

Favorite vacation spot~
Believe it or home. I live on 320 acres of heaven on earth. The previous owner created a trail system through the woods and I never get tired of exploring them. There is also a pond out front of the house with a cabin. Every morning when the sun rises there is a hazy mist on the water. It is beautiful here. 

Favorite subject to photograph~
I don't think I have a favorite subject really. If I have a camera in my hand I am happy. I could stay and photograph any subject for countless hours in those last few rays of sunlight. I really am addicted to light!

Favorite products you sell to your clients~
There is  something special about an album. They are  timeless pieces of art and a great way for clients to show family and friends their images.
Also jewelry... I have several pieces myself and so do my family members. My 15 year old son has a belt buckle of him jumping on his dirt bike. It is probably the coolest belt around!

Favorite thing about being a photographer~
I love history. It's the understanding of history as PEOPLE, not events that hooked me, that fascinates me and keeps me interested. Being a photographer I get to preserve my clients history every time they are in front of my camera. That sends a warm feeling straight to my heart. That makes me happy to know that I have a part in creating a visual history for each and everyone of them.

Describe your perfect day~
Any day spent with my family is perfect!

Thank you Nicole! I would love to visit your studio...the land sounds amazing!


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  1. I loved this interview and Nicole's images and office space are gorgeous. Her analysis of who we are as people and how that translates into our photography was very insightful. Thanks.