Thursday, June 30, 2011

meet Pam Miller

Your Name: Pam Miller
Location: Reading, PA

How would you describe your style of photography?
It has always been difficult for me to describe into words (I have an accounting background, we aren’t known for our use of eloquent words); however, my best attempt would describe my style as bold, clean and colorful.

What first drew you in to photography?
I remember always bringing my camera to school fieldtrips, but people were rarely in my photos. Then, my friends always counted on me to document our lives (growing I’d have to print doubles to hand out). Wow, I just showed my age! Like many out there, my passion for photography grew after the birth of my daughter. However, it wasn’t until after my son was born did I decide to start my business.

Do you work out of your home or a studio?
I work out of my home. I dream about owning one of the gorgeous studios that the Savvy Photographer features, but I do love the freedom of solely photographing on-location.

Tell us about your business before the Savvy workshop?
My business was very new. I was only one year into my business so I learned so much through the Savvy workshop through all the speakers who were so generous to be so open and share their expertise and experience, as well as through all the other workshop attendees.

How has it changed since returning?
In the next year after the Savvy workshop, my business grew by 150%. I was much more confident in my abilities and how to grow my business and boy did it show in the results!

What do you think is the most important thing you learned from the Savvy workshop?
Hands down, the most important thing I learned while I was at the Savvy workshop was how to shoot in manual. The workshop did not focus on the technical aspect but I learned this from watching and asking a lot of questions while I was at the workshop of both the speakers and my fellow savvy sisters. The little lightbulb went off on what those markings were for in my camera! I also starting shooting in RAW. I can’t even believe that I was shooting any other way and it truly does show in my photos.

What was your favorite part?
My favorite part of the workshop was meeting all my savvy sisters and speakers. We all bonded over those three days, even having a pajama party on the last night. It’s amazing how quickly you bond with those that have the same passion as you. I am forever grateful for this.

Fun facts we want to know about you~
I love the smell of hamburgers on the grill, the first smell of the bay/ocean coming over the bridge to the beach, and the smell of freshly iron-on shirts – I know weird, huh? I have a weakness towards anything Lilly Pulitzer – I can’t get enough of pink and green (so I updated my logo this year to incorporate that).

Favorite Savvy indulgence~
I would be a terrible dieter – I couldn’t go without cheeseburgers, French fries, ice cream, and coke (particularly a good fountain soda). I also over indulge in blog stalking when I have the time!

Favorite place to shop~
Currently, my favorite place to shop is on Etsy for both photography goodies as well as handmade clothing for my daughter.

Favorite vacation spot~
Ocean City, NJ – we head down to my mom’s condo as many times as we can! We also just got back from Disney World – I do think it is the most magical place on earth!

Favorite blogs to visit~
Way too many to list but of course one of my top picks has always been Savvy Photographer. Most of the blogs I visit are photography related.

Favorite subject to photograph~
Babies and children

Favorite products you sell to your clients~
Canvases are by far my favorite. I also like the mini accordions, particularly for newborns. Great marketing tool too!

Favorite thing about being a photographer~
The connections I make with my clients.
Describe your perfect day~

My perfect day….that would include waking up without my alarm clock anywhere where there is a beach or a pool on an 85 degree perfect day without anything pressing on my to do list.


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