Tuesday, June 28, 2011

meet Andrea Sholders

Your Name:Andrea Sholders

Location:Burke, Va (NORTHERN VA)

How would you describe your style of photography?
 I like to describe my style as light and airy, crisp and clean.

What first drew you in to photography?
I have always loved photography. I took classes in hight school, but since I was an athlete I chose to pursue soccer in college. I didn’t get back into photography again until I had my first child in 2006.

Do you work out of your home or a studio?
I currently work out of my home and on location, however I have plans to create a space in our home very soon. I can’t wait!

Tell us about your business before the Savvy workshop?
Before Savvy I was unsure about where I wanted to go with my business. I met all of these wonderful, amazing women and it showed me that I loved what we all did and I could make it a reality.  I currently work full-time
as a special education physical education teacher and photography is my “on the side” thing that is slowly growing. I am excited about the growth I have made since Savvy and for what is to come.

How has it changed since returning?
I now know what I need to do and I do my best to get it done.
Obviously I don’t always have time to do it all now, but I have learned to take it one day at a time.

What do you think is the most important thing you learned from the Savvy
I think the most important thing that I learned is that I can take my business to any level I would like. It can be a part-time thing and when I’m ready I can take it further.  It has been so much fun seeing all of the Savvy sisters grow!

What was your favorite part?
Meeting so many amazing women who were at all different levels of photography and business.

Fun facts we want to know about you:
Favorite Savvy indulgence~
Ice Cream!!

Favorite place to shop~
H+M for clothes, ETSY for all kinds of things :)

Favorite vacation spot~
I’d love to go to Figi one day, but for now Jamaica was one of our favorite vacations

Favorite blogs to visit~
I love Savvy of course!  Keeping up with blogs lately has been difficult. I have a few forums that I frequent and have made some great friends while participating and learning. I’m even teaching my own beginner’s level workshop for Moms called Camp Mamarazzi.

Favorite subject to photograph~
I am narrowing my focus to newborns, infants, children and families. I just love the simplicity and innocence of newborns.  It is such an art and I enjoy it so much.

Favorite products you sell to your clients~
I love to sell BIG prints,  and love to see them hung in my clients homes. I also love to design, so birth announcements and invitations are a fav.

Favorite thing about being a photographer~
Preserving my clients memories and seeing them smile when they see their images.

Describe your perfect day~
Waking up to sunny and 70, chocolate chip pancakes with my husband and 3 kids,  playing outside, drinks with friends and neighbors, and maybe finish it off with a movie under the stars. Lot’s of laughs and cuddles make a blissful day!

Your Blogsite:  http://www.agphotographydesign.com

Thank you Andrea!!


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