Tuesday, May 29, 2012

check your inbox today...

If you entered the Savvy Images Contest, I'm quite sure you are anxious to see the winners! I was completely blown away with all of the amazing entries! We had thousands of entries...and there were so many great ones to choose from!
Today I will be contacting the three winners from each category...check your email today! The winning images will be shown this week...and we will also have a "people's choice award" announced next week. That means I will show the top twenty (or so) images in each category and the viewers will vote on their favorites! I will have more prizes for the viewers choice winners...so if you don't get an email today, don't be disappointed. You will still have a chance next week to have your image shown on the Savvy blog and win. 
If you are a finalist for the people's choice, you will contacted and ask to send a watermarked image to be shown on the blog. 
Thank you to all who entered! 


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