Thursday, May 24, 2012

Please help save Jen!

I don't ask for much from my readers...I come here as often as possible...I write words to you,  I scramble most days for content to help you be a better business person and a better photographer...I find pretty things to inspire you...and I'm now asking for you to return the favor...and it's not something will just take a minute. 
It's money...yep...I'm asking for you to donate money... and it could help save a life...Jen's life! 
We have followed her intense battle over the last 9 months with ovarian cancer...we cried for her and smiled for her...but now, I will beg for her!
PLEASE give a donation to help fund her clinical trials that will hopefully save her life. It can be a small amount...any amount will do! How about if you told that next client placing their order that you were donating the proceeds from their portrait purchase to help save a photographer friend fighting for her life. They would know they were also helping...spare one shoot for her? 
I know that's a lot to ask...and if that's not possible, then how about giving up a venti latte? We can all spare $5...can't we? Please donate to help those two little boys in the picture above...they need their mom! 
The doctors gave her 12-18 months to live...let's give her more than that...let's help save her life.
To read more about Jen and her battle, click here.

Thank you!



  1. Done! Thank you...such a good cause, and she is such a fighter. Prayers and hugs!

  2. I missed this post somewhere along the way, but hopefully it will still help now! And praying for this lovely, fellow photographer that God heals her and uses her to touch everyone she meets during this journey!