Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp Workshops, meeting fun people and photographing a lovely mama~ busy summer!

It's been a crazy busy summer I'm sure all of you are feeling the effects of having kids home and less time to work. This blog has been neglected so much recently~ but in the end I'd rather say I neglected my blog more than my kids. So they have been a priority this summer...and I hope you understand. So basically I'm going to cram lots of info into one blog post...ready??

I went to camp...I've always wanted to say that...but it wasn't quite was a Summer Supper to kick off the launch of Camp Workshops...and it was lovely! My makeup artist (the lovely Claudia Mejerle) is one of the camp counselors and I heard about the event through her Facebook page...and I was dying to go. But had no desire to go by myself not knowing anyone else. I ended up picking up a fellow Atlanta photographer to attend with me~ even though we had never met was a "blind supper date"...and I lucked out on having a great girl to attend with! Jen Wright ('ve probably heard of her if you follow the Baby As Art workshops) is the sweetest and funniest girl to spend an evening with (she's the blonde in the Instagram pics below...I told you she was fun). I also met some other fabulous people...and was completely honored to meet some Savvy readers! Nothing makes you feel better than having someone tell you that your blog changed their life and career path...makes it all worth it!!
 (Instagram pics below..pardon the quality)
Isn't it all adorable...they styled this event perfect...the branding, the food, the little touches made it all such a perfect evening out! To learn more about the Camp Workshop classes, visit their site and their Facebook page...maybe I'll see you at a class one day! 

One of the wonderful girls I met at the supper was the lovely Anna from In Honor of Design. She runs a great blog and is extremely talented! She also is expecting her third!  

And after meeting her and seeing her adorable belly, I knew I wanted to photograph her...and she agreed! So three days before her due date (which is today, did I already say that?) we got her in to the Savvy Studio and photographed away...and away. I couldn't stop (don't you know that are getting so many great images and just keep going?) and I love the end result. To see more of her images, visit The Savvy Studio blog. (You can give us a like on Facebook too...we sure would love that!)

Thank you Anna for allowing me to capture this beautiful belly!



  1. I saw a blog post about Camp the other day, and I'm dying to go to one of the classes!!

  2. So, so fabulous! Glad you got to enjoy it!!